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Mitch Vaessen

Internship student

+31 43 38 71272


Laboratory of Cellular Genomic Medicine
Department of Clinical Genetics
Maastricht UMC+
P. Debyelaan 25
6229 HX Maastricht
The Netherlands

About me

My scientific career started by studying Applied science at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. I specialised in Biomedical science. Here my interest grew in the magnificent world of genetics and genomics. Hence, I chose to start with a master of biomedical science and specialise in Genetics and genomics. Besides my interest in genetics, I want to help others. This combination led me to the department of Clinical Genetics, where I will perform my internship at the Cellular Genomic Medicine lab of Masoud Zamani Esteki. Here I will focus on ‘’ The investigation of incidences and the nature of homologous recombination and genetic abnormalities in PGT embryo data by utilizing haplarithmisis’’. With my research, I will contribute to increasing knowledge that will increase the IVF success rate. Furthermore, I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to work with this team.   

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