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Marjan Naghdi

PhD candidate

+31 43 38 71272


Laboratory of Cellular Genomic Medicine
Department of Clinical Genetics
Maastricht UMC+
P. Debyelaan 25
6229 HX Maastricht
The Netherlands

About me

During my undergraduate studies in clinical psychology, I delved into the profound influence of individuals’ attachment styles on their social, emotional, and cognitive growth—a pivotal factor in lifelong mental well-being. Progressing into clinical child psychology and developmental psychology expanded my understanding of how prenatal stress and pregnancy impact attachment and fetal development. This sparked my interest in providing essential psychological support to pregnant couples, particularly those facing challenging pregnancies.In my doctoral research, I’m dedicated to expanding my knowledge in reproductive medicine while integrating psychological insights to create a non-pharmaceutical intervention. This initiative seeks to by simplifying information, provide clearer insights into tests and procedures during this crucial phase for patient education. Ultimately, my objective is to alleviate stress for expecting couples, fostering a more informed and emotionally stable pregnancy journey.

I chose to join the Cellular Genomic Medicine group due to its diverse perspectives on reproductive technologies. This group offers me the chance to contribute to making this advanced field accessible to all individuals, ensuring that everyone who can benefit from these advancements has the opportunity to do so.








Intervenion mapping and development of a nonpharmaceutical intervention in reproductive genentic care

Master of Developmental Psychology, Maastricht University, NL

Clinical Psychologist, Binesh-No, IR

Master of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology, Shahid Beheshti University, IR

Personal touch

I find joy in outdoor activities like walking, running, and once pursued professional mountain hiking in my home country. When I’m not exploring nature, I immerse myself in psychological books and creating content in that field.

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