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We have a general interest in development and application of innovative technologies for characterising different molecular layers, including (epi)genome and transcriptome, at the single-cell resolution. We further decipher the connectivity and interplay between those molecular layers within a single cell and their impact on cellular identity and function. We constantly explore new avenues towards translating our research into the clinic.


The lab is specifically focused on studying (epi)genome  (in)stability in early human development with application to the clinic, e.g. preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). Our research lies at the intersection of classical genetics, molecular and developmental genetics, clinical genetics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. 


Chromosome instability (CIN)



Masoud Zamani Esteki
Principal investigator
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Postdoc scientist
Medical machine learning
Rebekka Koeck
PhD candidate
Cellular omics
Lisa Sackmann 
Internship student​
Embryonic mosaicism
Jeroen Meekels 
Senior research technician
Single-cell genomics
Nina Rodenburg
Internship student​
Non-invasive genetic testing
Rick Essers
PhD candidate
Genomic organization
Shanna Overeem 
Internship student​
Clinical Epigenomics
Dominique Pellaers
PhD candidate
Liquid biopsy


  • Gaby Schobers (postgraduate student)

  • Britt Thomassen (undergraduate student)

  • Jesko Wagner (undergraduate student)


Tel:  +31 43 38 75306
Cellular Genomic Medicine
Department of Clinical Genetics
Maastricht UMC+

P. Debyelaan 25

6229 HX Maastricht

The Netherlands


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